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Thai helped me find a great home in the Bay Area, I couldn’t be happier. He works independently and is excellent with clients who have been through the home-buying process, but also for first time homebuyers because he takes great care to make sure you understand all aspects of buying a home and is patient with any and all questions.

He also has a very professional demeanor and natural rapport with his clients. I think it’s so important for you to have a good relationship with your realtor, so that you gain his/her trust, and I never had any doubts when working with Thai.

He worked tirelessly to help me secure a deal on a home in San Jose….guiding me through the steps to view homes, make an offer, secure a loan, and close! Most importantly, he is so down-to-earth and easy to work closely with. And yet, he’ll be firm when it comes to negotiations and getting you exactly what you want and need. He truly works for the full benefit of his clients, and I never regret any decision I made with him.

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I have worked with Thai Nguyen during my initial purchase of a home in Santa Clara and though several refinances subsequently. Thai will always explore all available options, and recommend the most effect and beneficial options without trying to sway individuals into a certain program or opportunity. I have absolute faith in Thai and know when he recommends or suggests something there is logic behind it, the options have all been explored and he will have my best interests in mind. With Thai you can always be sure he is aware of the local conditions, understands all financial institute packages available, has researched the options and understands them completely. Thai will always respond almost immediately when questions arise, responds to calls or emails with responses to questions and or concerns, never failing to respond to any question. I have the utmost trust and confidence in Thai, and have recommended him to several family members and friends. In all of my dealings with Thai I can honestly say that he goes far beyond the standard in helping secure and retain property, whether it be first time buyers, sellers, or just finding on his own financing or refinancing that benefits the client. I very highly recommend Thai and trust him implicitly.

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Thai first helped my wife and I 6 yrs ago to sell our condo and purchase our first home. Thai was always available to answer questions during the process and he constantly displayed knowledge and expertise on the s We were always kept well informed when new listings were available to view. Thai’s flexible schedule made the selling and buying process run smoothe and I’ve recommended him to friends and family.

Thai went to bat for us negotiating the best deal possible and displayed integrity and professionalism throughout our process.

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I first met Thai Nguyen in the fall of 2007. I was looking into buying a home and had actually considered getting a real estate license in order to forgo hiring an agent, but reluctantly opted to give Thai a chance. I am incredibly thankful for having done so.

Thai Nguyen is a fantastic realtor. He worked tirelessly to find my family a home. He showed us a countless number of homes and wrote up purchase offers fifteen different times. There were multiple occasions in which Thai talked me out of making an offer that would overextend my family. He always encouraged us to be patient, insisting that he could find us a better situation. He had many opportunities to maximize his own commission, but instead looked out for my family.

As good of a realtor as Thai is, he proved an even better person. We were in a very difficult situation as we waited to move into our new home. My wife and I were living in a 400 square foot studio apartment and had just given birth to our first child when my mother-in-law came to stay with us. It was the most cramped living situation I could have dreamt up. First he allowed me to move a bunch of items into his garage in order to free up some space in our small home. When that wasn’t enough to ease our situation, he offered that we actually move our family to live with him for a couple of months. Though we didn’t accept his offer, I recognized the depth of his kindness.

Thai Nguyen is both hardworking and ethical. I am incredibly thankful for having taken a chance on him as an agent.

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Thai Nguyen helped me sell my home in 2007; he made it look easy with his knowledge and expertise as he did all the contract negotiations. He is very prompt, professional, and very contract savvy. Thai handles mortgage loan services and goes above and beyond what I expected, when he asked where I was moving and helped me with all the paper work and negotiations with the new home I found in southern California.     With out any prompting I get a call from Thai again this year asking if I was ready to refinance and once again Thai did all the negotiations and was able to lock me into a lower rate than I expected. I am very pleased with Thai and would recommend him for any home owner or buyer today.

5 robertmerrill

Thai really takes a personal interest in his clients and is very good at what he does. He listens to what you are saying and is very focused on getting YOU the deal you want, not a “quick one” that will earn him a fast commission. He has been in this business a long-time and now gets most of his businesss by referrals.

Thai has handled four real estate transactions for myself and I have referred several people to him who have all thanked me for making the introduction.

Thai is prompt in responding, proactive throughout the transaction. Again, keeping his focus on getting you the deal you want. Thai has the knowledge, expertise, experience and negotiation skills to get the job done. On top of all that, he really does take a personal interest and cares about his clients.

I will continue to use Thai in all future transactions and have never hesitated referring friends and family to him.

Bob Merrill

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Thai is an extremely bright and a dedicated real estate professional and broker. He has tremendous integrity and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the best results for his clients. Being a first time home buyer, I appreciated the time he took to thoroughly discuss the various processes with me, ranging from negotiations to mortgage loans to closing on my new home. I enjoyed working with Thai because of his honesty, responsiveness, experience and expertise. I would not hesitate to refer him to my family and friends.

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As painful as it is to buy a house now a days, he made the process very smoothly. I had a lot of questions throughout the loan approval process and he answered every concern I had in a professional and timely matter. I was one of those “constent callers” and not once did I feel like I was a bother. I gave him 5 stars on his negotiating skills because when it came down to negotiations he got everything that I wanted, and a couple things I didn’t even think about asking for. Before I knew it I was holding the keys to my new home. The reason it felt like it was so smooth, was because the only time it wasn’t was when we were waiting on other agents to get back to us. It felt like we were always a couple steps ahead. I’ve already passed his name on to my friends and family, all have had the same response, and now I can pass his name on to you.

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I have had the opportunity to have Thai be my real estate agent from 2006-2012. He helped us sell our condo, upgrade to our first home and finally helped us get into our dream home in Willow Glen. During these 3 different transactions Thai proved to be the utmost professional. With Thai by our side we knew that everything would get taken care of and that he would be looking out for our best interest.

As our family grew and our needs changed Thai knew exactly what we needed and was able to guide us to make right decisions both with our sales and purchases. His expertise in all areas of real estate, are the tops but his service is above and beyond.

An example of Thai’s service is what happened during one of the three transactions. Thai was on his honeymoon, out of the country, while the sale of our home was going though. Thai took the time to make sure that the sale of our 1st house went through. He didn’t drop it off onto someone else, but he made sure that he took care of everything. He would call us daily to give us updates and we knew that if we had a question he was just a call away. Needless to say the transaction went through with out a hitch and I credit Thai’s service, his knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for an agent Thai is the person to hire. I guarantee that you wont regret it.

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my husband and I where first time home buyers and I was so nerves but than we meet with Thai not only did he answer all my questions he made me feel like I know him all my life. He always called me back when I had a question even if it was to answer the same question that he has answer more than once. He was always willing and able to take us to see home, when we got our home he went with us to make sure all paper work was done right. He also help me with getting started on the clean up, gave me numbers for a handyman found a cheaper place to get our home fumigated,he also took us to look for kitchen cabinet’s,counters, also got us connected with a person so that we can have our home,car Ins. together. Until this day I still call him on question or any paper work I get in the mail. Everyone who ask us about how we got our home we always give them Thai card and if I ever want to work on refinancing or get another home I will only work with Thai thats how much trust I have in him

5 1nancylarkin

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for it.” -Katherine Whitehorn, legendary journalist. Well, Thai Nguyen has clearly found what he likes doing best! We recently completed our 2nd refinance with Thai. He simply loves every aspect of finance and real estate. He knows all the intricate details of the business and enjoys helping his clients succeed. He will get you a great deal. Work with Thai, and you’ll win! Now, remember, you need to get him what he needs to build the deal. Don’t push the details back. If Thai asks you for a support document, get it for him right away. California real estate is a big deal; you’re the owner, he’s the coach. Whether you need to buy, sell, or refinance, Thai Nguyen, Broker, GRI, and CEO of Crystal Estates WILL get you the best deal. 2013

Unsurpassed service is what you can expect from Thai Nguyen, Broker, GRI, and CEO of Crystal Estates. We’ve had 7 previous refinances, and no broker topped Thai in terms of broker scrutiny. Thai was extremely helpful and informative throughout every phase of the refinancing process. He seems to be working all the time, sometimes late into the evening if there’s still work that needs his review. He must have a very patient and supportive family because no question of ours was ever unanswered at the end of the day. His attention to detail and anticipation of client needs grows from his deep dedication to high achievement. No mortgage broker will serve you better. It is be our pleasure to recommend Thai Nguyen and Crystal Estates for all your real estate needs. Sincerely, John and Nancy Larkin

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Thai @ Crystal Estates helped us refinance our home from beginning to end. I am so impressed with Thai. Who wouldn’t be? He got me a whole the most competitive interest rate on a 30-year fixed loan. He was super flexible with my schedule as a parent and a business professional. He kept me and my wife well informed through every step of the process (even one step ahead in the whole process.) Collecting bank statements and signing documents was absolutely seamless. His efficient handling of information was extremely important to my wife and I because we both work full time.

Give him a try and you won’t be sorry you did! Thai answered every question that I had in a very thorough manner! If you are looking for someone that can handle every obstacles with grace and ease, then please consider using Thai! I have recommended him to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Oh and he does more than just mortgage refinancing. Check out his other financial services too~

You won’t meet a more humble man either! I could go on and on about how impressed I was but you just have to give him a call and see what I mean.

5 user1234326

I have worked with Thai for the last three years on refinancing our first home and the purchase of a second property. My husband and I were very impressed by his professionalism and knowledge in both the real estate market as well as the lending process. For our refinance, he provided us with a very competitive rate and was always responsive to our questions. When I purchase my first home 8 years ago, my experience with the real estate agent was horrible. It felt like working with a used car sale person. The agent was not interested in our needs and wanted the transaction to close regardless of the cost to us. Thai, however, changed my perception of real estate agents. From my experience, Thai is honest, accommodating, and provided us with thorough assessments of properties. The loan process was challenging but Thai was able to find alternative solutions to get us a loan. I highly recommend Thai for anyone looking for a broker or a real estate agent.

5 user1543962

Thai Nguyen, Broker, GRI, and CEO of Crystal Estates has always been very responsive and give me very resonable interest rate for refinancing as well as negotiation for my first home purchased since 2009. Thai is very patient and does not push you to buy/sell or refinance, rather he does give you fair and reasonable comparisons for all interest rates and price(buy/sell) which appropriate for your range. He will not make you feel like he is taking advantage of you and he is very straight forward with what he can or cannot do for you. Thai is very knowledgeable for the area that he works on and he does has a lot of connections that will make it easy for refinancing process.Thai has always given me the lowest reasonable interest rates. I highly recommend Thai Nguyen to be your broker and/or real estate agent.

5 user7064344

Thai helped my husband and I refinance our home. It wasn’t an easy task and the financing department lost some of our documents and we had to “do-over” after all was notarized and submitted. Thai was there every step of the way, assisting us and making sure financing and recording went on without issues and on a timely manner. And he did! You want somebody in your corner, Thai is your Guy!!!! I highly recommend him for all your financing, re-financing, selling and buying needs. He’s OUTSTANDING!!! TGarcia

5 user1477754

My wife and daughter and I are very fortunate to have found Thai. He is highly dedicated, respectful, honest, patient, knowledgeable, informative and helpful. He takes pride in being an outstanding agent/broker and gives his clients the best service available. He has helped us with every single aspect there is to buying/owning a home. First he helped me get approved for an FHA loan, which I didn’t think was possible because of my past foreclosure and bad credit.

Next, we looked at more than 50 homes over a six month period and put offers on most of them. It was very frustrating dealing with the listing agents and it was very difficult to get them to accept our FHA loan offer. Several agents basically told me that they wouldn’t sell their house to me unless I used their lender. Even though, if I had agreed to this, Thai would receive less money since he wouldn’t be brokering my loan, he told me to do whatever I need to get the house. There are a lot of agents/brokers out there that only care about how much money they make. They don’t care about families that need a home. Thai truly cares about his clients and always has their best interest in mind.

The home we ended up buying did not accept our first offer and was also a short sale. Combined with our FHA loan, this took a lot of patience and persistence on behalf of Thai to get us our house. Up to the very end, even after we signed everything at the title company and gave them the down payment, other people involved in the closing process were incompetent and almost forfeited our chance of buying our home. Again, Thai was on top of everything and got these people to do their jobs.

After we finally got our house, we needed a contractor to remodel it before we could move in with our 10 month old daughter. I had no idea where to start or what I needed to do. Thai again came to the rescue and acted as a project manager for us. He connected us with a couple of contractors who could meet our modest budget but also give us what we wanted. Thai also did most of the designing and planning. He even took us shopping for a lot of the big price items and he knows where to go to get good deals. My granite counters were $260 a slab! He did a lot of shopping for me even on his own. Every time he saw a good deal on something he’d let me know.

I could go on an on with positive things to say about Thai Nguyen. Like how he also got my home owners insurance for a pretty good rate. But I think I’ve said plenty already. Thai Nguyen is a very nice person and a great agent/broker. Expect the best from him.

5 user87085070

“Dreaming to own a house” it’s not an easy process on these days; however, our dream comes true after we met Thai Nguyen, Broker, GRI, and CEO at Crystal Estates. He is extremely bright, knowledgeable and very professional. He helped us to present every transaction no matter how stressful or complication of those. We were really enjoying work with Thai, because of his honesty, responsiveness, experience and expertise. We would highly recommend and will always pass his name to our families, friends, and coworkers. Give him a try and you never ever regret it.

5 user2833616

As a relative newcomer to the Bay Area Thai has provided an excellent service to my family and I. His automation of the MLS kept us in the loop regarding all new entries to the market. He was always accomodating when we wanted to see a house. During the closing process Thai handled everything very smoothly, found us a great deal on our mortgage and kept us updated as to the purchase progress. Thai has great knowledge of the housing and mortgage markets and i’ve found his advice to be very good indeed (I checked his advice against long-time bay area residents and price checker sites). I wholeheartedly recommend Crystal Estates.

5 gsclafani

Thai provided a top-noch professional experience combined with genuine care I had not witnessed in the industry. I plan to go to him for all future real estate transactions and refis. Thai personally engaged the processor for my refi and secured an amazing rate for a non-owner occupied underwater (at the time) property. No one I know who refied in the same time span got as favorable conditions and interest rate. Moreover, Thai will be honest with you about your situation, impeccably timely with communications and actions, and has a huge network to help you improve your new or for sale home. It’s a best case scenario, and I’m thankful to Thai for his hard work and generous nature. He is truly one in a million.

5 melaniekidder

My husband and I worked with Thai at Crystal Estate when we purchased our home. We were impressed with Thai’s professionalism. Buying a home is never easy and is always stressful, but Thai worked hard to make it as stress-free as possible and took time to explain everything to us. He was always available to answer questions and truly made me feel like we were his only clients (I know we weren’t!). He kept calm under pressure and was very detail-oriented and caught errors on the closing documents. I would not hesitate to work with Thai in the future or recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor.

5 user3624672

Thai was referred to us by a colleague at work, who bought a beautiful home in Willow Glenn with Thai’s help. He is a great real estate agent, very professional and is quite knowledgable about the structural aspects of a house, re-modelings, financials and what not. The main reason we went with Thai is because he is a one stop shop, and a highly reliable one!

5 natet510

We went to Thai to refinance our mortgage for a better rate. He is very honest, forthright and knowledgeable. We were presented several different options, each of which pointing out the pros and cons for each choice. We were then able to make an informed decision on which financial avenue to peruse. The whole process was very easy and painless, with email and phone updates during each phase of the loan refinance. Throughout the entire process I felt well informed on the status of my loan, and what to expect next. Thai has great customer service and I would recommend him to anyone looking to process a home loan.

5 uyenstar

Thai listed our home for sale and sold it over asking price. He was very knowledgeable, smart, responsive, and very friendly. The process was smooth and quick. We appreciate his hard work and would definitely ask him to list our next home. Thank you Thai.

5 samira jackson10

Even though I was out of town, Thai held a successful open house and was able to get the final price well over our asking price. He guided from start to finish, especially when we had multiple offers, he help us to choose the right one and was able to negotiate with the potential buyers to get the best price possible. I’ll definitely use him again in the future for any real estate transaction. Thank you Thai!

5 jolie2222

Thai helped my husband and I buy our home. He is very knowledgeable, professional and was on time to all of the appointments. When we had questions he spent time to explain the processes. We highly recommend Thai!

5 mvalindogan

Extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated agent. Our search for our new home would never be this easy without Thai. His foresight is superb that he was able to anticipate all the possible problems that we could or would encounter during the buying process. For the most part he would pick up the phone on the first ring; no unanswered calls like most of the other big real estate companies. Very dependable, honest and sincere. I couldn’t even think of any negative or not so good aspects on how he deals with business. It was just a PAIN-FREE experience for our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

5 douglasikegami

Thai is a great realtor who helped us purchase our first home in Sunnyvale, CA. As our agent, Thai was knowledgeable about the market and was very professional – he was always so well prepared for our meetings. Also, we loved how dedicated he was to us as his clients. He was super responsive to any of our questions/requests, and a great example of him going above and beyond for us: his baby boy was being born during our offer process, and Thai still found the time to help us get the offer in (the offer that got us the house, to be exact). We highly recommend Thai and for your real estate needs.

5 rmugnolo

Thai did a great job for us under most difficult circumstances. I will recommend him to all of our friends. If you are looking for a harding and extremely professional then let Thai help you.

5 johndetrinidad

A cousin recommended Thai and we couldn’t have been more happy with our home buying process. He is very efficient, yet super thorough and he knows the industry well. If a question comes up that he has no answer for or no knowledge about, he is quick to research and provide insight from multiple angles. The relationship doesn’t just end when escrow closes as my wife and I have reached out to him regarding random real-estate and tax situations and he will set aside time and energy into helping us out. My wife and I will definitely stick with Thai for future real estate needs as the process was as straight-forward and as pleasant as it possibly could be with his assistance. Cost was very fair for us – actually I believe he cut us a major deal! Thanks Thai!

5 jennycupm

My name is Kevin and I had sold my condo on Wayman Way with Crystal Estates. I met Thai through a referral who said he was very good at his trade. WOW WAS THAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Thai took care of me and my family like we were family. Thai did a walkthrough of my condo, listed the do’s and don’ts for upgrades to maximize sales price. He also referred me to contractors he has worked with in the past and they did a great job at a very reasonable price. Thai has consulted me through the whole process. We listed the property for 375,000 and got a cash offer of 405,000. We closed in a little over 2 weeks. Thai is excellent at his trade, his knowledge of housing market is spot on. The best thing about Thai is he is a GOOD HONEST MAN! Thank you again Thai. Kevin Wofford and Family

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